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Celebrating the wonderful produce of Palestine and supporting local farmers through fair trade.

Zaytoun is a social enterprise introducing the sensational flavours of Palestinian food to the UK. 

It’s Zaytoun’s mission to support the livelihood of Palestinian producers via fair trade rather than aid, which they do by selling delicious foods from the country’s fertile groves and fields. The range is made up of products like olive oil, dates, za’atar, almonds and the grain freekeh. 

These premium quality products are all sustainably grown and ethically sourced from Palestinian farmers facing challenges from illegal Israeli occupation. Buying from Zaytoun is an act of activism: you’re directly supporting the livelihoods of oppressed people, with 100% of the company’s profits poured into this mission.  

The Zaytoun range is also a celebration of the proud heritage and culinary traditions of the Palestinian people. You’ll be bowled over by the flavours and exceptional quality, which have won them awards, as has the brand’s ethical way of doing business. 

Get a taste of their products in a selection of our hampers, such as deliciously fudgy Medjoul dates and caramelised almonds in The Tea-Time Treats Gift Box or roasted chilli almonds in The Thinking of You Morale Booster Gift Box

Meet The Founder

In 2003, Cathi Pawson was volunteering among rural communities in the West Bank. It was a year with a bumper olive harvest but no chance to sell oil to the usual external market, because of border closures by the Israeli government. 

Back in the UK, Cathi teamed up with Heather Masoud, who’d also spent time volunteering in Palestine, to sell olive oil to friends and family. Their first shipment sold out, with people jumping at the chance to directly support Palestinian farming communities. 

This was the start of Zaytoun, which officially launched in 2004. Manal Ramadan White is now Managing Director. The brand may be ever-growing and changing, with an expanding product range and team. But its passion for Palestine – for her people, her land, her food and farming heritage – remains at its heart.