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Air-dried wonky apple crisps trial pack

Air-dried wonky apple crisps trial pack


Air-dried apple crisps made with wonky fruit and a twist of flavour.

Trial pack content:

2 bags of apple crisps with a mango & passion fruit twist.

2 bags of apple crisps with a chocolate & salted caramel twist. 

2 bags of apple crisps with a mango twist.

2 bags of apple crisps with a coconut twist. 

As firm believers that wonky fruit deserves a bite too, Güsto Snacks saves apples otherwise destined for waste and turns them into delicious air-dried snacks.  

Over 22,000 tonnes of perfectly edible fruit goes to waste in the UK and Europe every year, rejected for sale because of the shape, size or colour. That’s enough to provide over 150,000 people with over five portions of fruit and veg a day for a year.  

Güsto Snacks is on a mission to save as much of this so-called wonky fruit as they can, using it to create their naturally sweet, high fibre snacks. These air-dried apple crisps are full of pure flavours and goodness, made with a squeeze of natural fruit juice and a dash of seasoning. Plus, there’s no added sugar or artificial ingredients – they’re truly healthy and delicious. 

Taking imperfect fruit and turning it into valuable products is also good news for farmers – the time, energy and resources they put into growing doesn’t go to waste. It’s a step in the right direction towards a more sustainable food system that works for everyone. 

As Güsto Snacks’ motto sums up, they want everyone to: “Waste Less. Snack More. Do Good!”

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