Bold Stripe Twisted Cotton Sock


1 Pair = 1 Impact! Ethical Socks made with Bamboo in bold, colourful patterns.

New bold three stripe twisted cotton socks will keep your feet warm, and someone else’s.

With each pair sold, Stand 4 Socks personally give a specially made pair of thick, antibacterial socks to a homeless person. Did you know that socks are one of the most requested items at homeless shelters? That’s why they got their manufacturer to make the most suitable sock for us to give away.



Twister Cotton

Stand 4 Socks twisted cotton socks are thick and warm, making your feet feel comfortable. Created by twisting two cotton strands together, it represents a great advancement in material for making more durable, hard-wearing socks. They also use yarns with different colours in order to get a “mixed colour effect”. The socks still maintain their signature features such as seamless toe closure, or reinforced heel & toe parts. The new improved versions also benefit from an additional support across the arch of your feet.  The stitched cause logo on the ankle (displayed above) shows what cause your new socks have supported and Stand4 across the toes.

Sock Features 

  • Thicker twisted cotton material for hard wearing
  • Seamless Toe Closure, no rubbing ridge!
  • Reinforced heel & toe for durability and comfort
  • Arch support for extra comfort and fit, no slip
  • Ethically sourced (BSCI and Sedex audited)
  • 80% Twisted cotton, 18% Polyamide, 2% Elastane

Additional information


4-8, 9-12

Stand4 Socks


"What if socks could change the world?"

Stand4 started by this simple statement when founder Josh Turner said this amongst friends casually. A bold concept, but when you stop and think about it, most of us wear socks....and if each pair has a positive impact, then why can't socks change the world?

This is because socks are rarely donated, as we wear through them and wouldn't donate old smelly socks with holes - unlike old coats or shoes. Leading to lots of foot issues for the people most in need. They went out and created the most suitable sock for homeless people, donating a pair with each we sell.

Currently our socks support 11/17 of the sustainable development goals. Allowing you to stand for a different cause each day of the week. This is represented by a small cause logo on the ankle of the sock, from education to gender quality and much more. Your sock purchase could be powering a hospital, clearing landmines to planting trees!

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