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Easter Gift Bag - 5 Packets Of Native Wildflower Seeds

Easter Gift Bag - 5 Packets Of Native Wildflower Seeds


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Why not give Seed of Hope's beautiful native English Wildflower Seeds this year instead of cut flowers or chocolate?
Our eco-friendly, reusable, hessian gift Bags with cute heart gift tags contain five packets of English Wildflower Seeds and are ready to plant in Spring and autumn!
As well as the perfect gift they’re also perfect pollinators.

Plant a Seed of Hope when you gift these English wildflower seeds from one small social enterprise with a blooming great impact.

Seed of Hope runs recovery-based horticultural therapy groups in Somerset, using elements of gardening to improve mental and physical wellbeing. That looks like spending time outdoors surrounded by greenery, soaking up natural light, nurturing plants, working with others and gentle exercise.

Our industrial lifestyle is a new thing. For 99.97% of our time on Earth, we evolved outdoors as part of nature. Seed of Hope reconnects people to the natural world, allowing them to reap the neurobiological benefits this has. 

As well as nature, everything at Seed of Hope revolves around recovery, which means living a satisfying and hopeful life even with mental health problems. Their group sessions always include a recovery meeting. 

Seed of Hope sees their approach as an antidote to mental health care as a business, as it’s run by care providers and drug companies. By helping people with mental health problems realise their strengths and abilities, they give them the tools to help themselves and each other. 

Every pack of Seed of Hope wildflower seeds funds the horticultural therapy groups, as does their Community Gardening Service, which helps people who can’t manage their own gardens due to age or disability. Those involved get the mental health benefits of gardening and helping others, while customers get their garden back with all of the mental health benefits that entails.