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Luminary Blend

Luminary Blend

£10.00 - £34.00

A Luminary Bakery X NewGround Social Enterprise Collab

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NewGround Coffee tackles social injustice through coffees of incredible quality. 

The high-grade coffee they source, roast and sell has a great impact in the communities where it’s grown as well as where it’s drunk here in the UK. Their speciality brews offer a new beginning to ex-offenders, who join the company for work and training opportunities. 

It's well known that prisoners are much more likely to reoffend after release if they are without training and jobs. By passing on skills and giving people a helping hand into the coffee biz, NewGround Coffee is doing their bit to stop the cycle of reoffending. All while sharing their love of great coffee. 

All NewGround Coffee is ethically sourced from small-scale farmers through a partnership with an importer, who’s dedicated to supporting farming communities. Growers get the pay they deserve (four or times higher than the Fairtrade standard) for their high-grade coffee. 

Some of the world’s finest coffees make up the NewGround Coffee range and the team go above and beyond to do it justice in the roasting process. Using state-of-the-art equipment, each coffee is roasted differently to fully develop and showcase their unique flavours.