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Letterbox White Chocolate & Raspberry Brownies [flourless]

Letterbox White Chocolate & Raspberry Brownies [flourless]

£17.00 - £28.00

These brownies are made with oat flour, drizzled with white chocolate and studded with gooey raspberries, a luxurious treat for anyone's taste buds.

White Chocolate Raspberry Chocolate Brownie [Flourless]: Soya, egg, milk, oat flour



Just when you thought baking couldn’t get any better, along comes Luminary Bakery. 

This London-based social enterprise uses baking as a tool to help women reach their full potential – women who may never have had the opportunity to do so otherwise because of immensely isolating social and economic disadvantages. All too often, they’ve experienced an intersection of gender-based violence, low income, poor physical and mental health, substance misuse and homelessness.

Luminary is a space where women can overcome these multiple disadvantages. Joining the bakery sets them on a holistic programme of training and support, leading onto sustainable employment opportunities. 

It’s no overstatement to call this programme life-changing. Women start successful careers, gain a sense of self-confidence and become part of a supportive community. 

As amazing as the impact are the bakes, which are perfect for a celebration or special treat. Who wouldn’t love a tray of letterbox brownies to arrive at the door? Choose from flavours like salted caramel, pumpkin spice latte or coconut and cherry as well as blondies and cookies too. Enjoy!