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Sweet Chilli Nuts & Seeds Boosts (16 X 25g)
Sweet Chilli Nuts & Seeds Boosts (16 X 25g)
Sweet Chilli Nuts & Seeds Boosts (16 X 25g)
Sweet Chilli Nuts & Seeds Boosts (16 X 25g)

Sweet Chilli Nuts & Seeds Boosts (16 X 25g)

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Meet our BRAND NEW Sweet Chilli Nuts & Seeds Boosts! (16 x 25g bags)

Sweet meets heat – Sweet Chilli just got upgraded.

Looking for a Boost? Our activated snacks mean gut friendly fibre, packed full of nutrients & mouth-wateringly good flavours.



Boundless Activated Snacking creates more-ish seed and nut snacks using an age-old process called activation. 

This method was once used by the Aztecs and Aborigines and involves soaking nuts and seeds in saltwater, which reduces levels of phytic acid. Less phytic acid makes it easier for our bodies to digest the nuts and seeds and absorb all the goodness – think nutrients like iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium and manganese. Clever stuff. 

So Boundless snacks are full of good stuff and great for your gut health. But healthy doesn’t mean boring – far from it, in this case. 

Baked with bold herbs and spices until they have the perfect crunch, every bag of Boundless snacks is packed with flavour. Some of the unusual flavours combos you can get include turmeric and smoked paprika; orange, ginger and maple; and cayenne and rosemary seed. 

If the promise of healthy and delicious snacks wasn’t enough to tempt you into opening a pack, the social purpose at Boundless might do it. They donate part of their revenue to FRANK Water, an organisation working to improve safe water, sanitation and hygiene in India and Nepal – especially within remote or vulnerable communities. 

Since it was founded in 2005, FRANK Water has funded safe drinking water and sanitation for nearly 400,000 people in 549 communities. Boundless Activated Snacking helps that number keep growing.

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