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The Flagmate Pocket Edition Keyring, Black

The Flagmate Pocket Edition Keyring, Black


Hand-crafted and designed in the UK, the Storyteller FlagMate lets you capture your life-changing chapters of exploration. Your special memories always by your side.

The pocket edition Flagmate has been specifically designed for those who want to use FlagMate as a daily keyring.

With each new country you visit, add another Storyteller Flag to your FlagMate and relive every chapter of your travels.

10% of each FlagMate purchase will be added to the Storyteller Fund to support sustainable educational programmes for those less fortunate.

Turn collecting travel memories into a way of doing good with Storyteller.

Set up by a group of globetrotters, this social enterprise makes unique travel accessories that help those less fortunate access education around the world. 

Millions of individuals across the globe currently go without an education, with figures showing 750 million adults are illiterate. The Storyteller team shares their profits, resources and skills to find long-term solutions to this crisis. 

When you buy any Storyteller product, 10% from every sale goes to the Storyteller Fund, raising money for educational programmes, materials and resources for their supported charities. These are like-minded organisations, working hard to widen access to education. 

Storyteller is also big on bringing travellers together to create a positive impact. Part of that mission involves running workshops and educational centres in less privileged areas of the world, with the help of volunteers from within the Storyteller community.  

The Storyteller FlagMate is their signature product. Made from ethical faux leather, this keyring for travellers is made for collecting their hand-painted Storyteller Flags representing countries from all corners of the globe.

Collect a flag for every new place you visit – there’s even an option to personalise them with your own unique travel memories. It’s an easy way to capture your travels and help people across the world get the education they deserve.