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Upcycled Tyre Mini Wallet
Upcycled Tyre Mini Wallet
Upcycled Tyre Mini Wallet - Peacock
Upcycled Tyre Mini Wallet - Yellow
Upcycled Tyre Mini Wallet
Upcycled Tyre Mini Wallet
Upcycled Tyre Mini Wallet - Peacock
Upcycled Tyre Mini Wallet - Yellow

Upcycled Tyre Mini Wallet

This brand is currently not taking orders and will resume on 2024-05-27


This super compact, small and eco-friendly wallet is made of recycled tyre and cotton. It features plenty of pockets for cards and a slot for money . It has a super fun texture and it's both stylish and durable. It will preserve its shape no matter how much it's used and what's more, it's vegan friendly!

Your purchase from Lost in Samsara will contribute to keeping waste out of landfill and help protect the environment. It also creates job opportunities for disadvantaged artisans.

The making of these products provides work to 13 artisans.
The purchase of these provides living wages and training to disabled people, mainly victims of land mines and polio.

Cleaning care: Clean your card holder by rubbing gently with soap and water.

Approx 8cm x 10cm
Please note that due to the up-cycled nature of the item colours and texture may vary.

Colour outside is the same as the colour inside the card holder.

There’s a lot more to Lost in Samsara’s ethical accessories than first meets the eye. 

All of the handy everyday accessories in their collection – wallets, purses, earrings, card holders and more – are upcycled, made from materials that would otherwise be headed for landfill. Environmental impact throughout the manufacturing process is kept as low as possible, with products designed to last too. It’s an antidote to throwaway fashion. 

On top of eco-friendly credentials, Lost in Samsara’s ethical accessories have a social purpose. They create job opportunities for disadvantaged artisans, who work in small co-operatives, all of which are Fairtrade certified or work strictly to fair trade principles. 

By providing vocational training, good working conditions and fair wages, Lost in Samsara and their partners help these artisans on a path to economic empowerment and long-term stability. Not to mention giving their confidence and overall wellbeing a boost. 

Then there’s the benefit to the wider community. Empowering individual artisans massively reduces poverty in the area where they live and work, so the impact is far reaching and long lasting. 

Lost in Samsara’s commitment to giving back to the Earth and its inhabitants also shows up in a partnership with reforestation organisation One Tree Planted. For every product sold, a tree is planted.

All of this is underpinned by Lost in Samsara’s core belief: small actions count and small actions multiplied by millions can change the world. The kind of thinking we love.