You are One Cool Cat Riso-Printed Greetings Card by Bobbi


You are One Cool Cat Riso-Printed Greetings Card by Bobbi


This riso-printed card was designed by Bobbi.

The card measures 114 x 162 mm and comes with an envelope.

About Bobbi

Bobbi frequently produces depictions of animals, landscapes and the natural world. Shapes are simplified, creating bold silhouettes, and she enjoys the contrasting textures of acrylic paint. Colours have intense emotional associations for Bobbi. She is able to remember in great detail how she was feeling when making a work just from looking at it. She says ‘Art is not about copying the colours. It can be different colours. Maybe you are upset, maybe angry, maybe happy.’


Artbox was set up in 2011 to provide much needed opportunities for people with learning disabilities to access the arts and be included in their local community.

We run art workshops in Islington, go on trips to museums and galleries in Central London and provide exhibition and sales opportunities so that each of the artists can exhibit, sell and earn an income from their work.

We're a registered charity and social enterprise. This means that all of our profits go back to supporting people with learning disabilities.

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10 years, 10 designs

The new range of Riso-printed cards, notebooks and prints celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Artbox opening. Each new product range contains 10 different designs created by the artists both in lockdown and in the Artbox studio and profits will be used to help fund our next 10 years of working with people with learning disabilities and autism. Buying from the new Riso range will enable Artbox to create a future where artists of all gifts and abilities are empowered and included.

About Risograph Printing

Loved by designers and artists around the world, Riso is a cross between screen-printing and photocopying and is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to print! What’s not to love?!