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Ethical and sustainable clothing empowering women and people from low socio-economic backgrounds in India.

Get dressed in Jenerous’ ethical and sustainable clothing and know you’re supporting a brand that puts people above profit, changing lives for the better. 

In keeping with their name, Jenerous is all about giving back and supports people in India through the production of their clothes. 

Every sale helps fund training and work opportunities for people in their supply chain as well as supporting the wider communities through charity donations. The aim is to empower people from low socio-economic backgrounds – especially women. 

Ensuring respect, positive working conditions and fair pay for those in their supply chain is paramount for Jenerous. All their suppliers are carefully selected for their commitment to fair trade principles and active role in creating social change. 

From scarves to tops and dresses, the Jenerous collection is as beautiful as it is ethical. Made up of sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, pieces feature patterns created by hand using Indian artisan block printing. 

The brand is also savvy when it comes to waste-saving techniques, like using up leftover fabric to create their matching mini-me girls dresses. 

Meet The Founder

With many years of experience as a designer, Jenny Allan had dreamt of launching her own ethical fashion brand ever since a visit to India in 2007. It was there she came across an empowerment programme which brought women together to socialise and make hand embroidered pieces that were sold to provide income. 

Years later, she used this as inspiration when setting up Jenerous. Like the programme, Jenerous gives people a chance to find freedom from poverty through making garments.

Good for people and the planet, Jenerous fulfills Jenny’s vision of making a positive difference through ethical fashion. She hopes that as the brand keeps growing, so will their social impact and number of formal accreditations. 

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