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Khushi Kantha
Khushi Kantha

Khushi Kantha

Turning reclaimed fabrics into beautiful kantha blankets while creating fair employment for women in Bangladesh.

Khushi Kantha means “happy blanket” in Bengali – a fitting name for the social enterprise behind these beautifully vibrant baby blankets that do good. 

The brand was set up to create sustainable employment for women in Bangladesh, after founder Laura was gifted a bundle of traditional, hand-stitched kantha blankets for her newborn half-Bangladeshi twins. The brand’s artisans are a community of mothers in the village of Rajarampur in north-west Bangladesh.

Khushi Kantha has four key values driving their ethical business. Resilience ensures the blankets are designed to last, instilled with the strength of the mothers who make them. Regeneration centres breathing new life into everything they do, from upcycling materials to regenerating local communities. 

Re-envisaging community means the team is always thinking up ways to use collaborative power to build better futures for everyone. And lastly, Khushi Kantha is all about reframing the narrative. They champion “made in Bangladesh” as a statement of pride through their blankets, which show off exquisite local craftsmanship. 

The distinctive, high-quality blankets are a handy addition to any new parent’s baby bag, coming to the rescue in all kinds of scenarios. They can double up as a make-shift changing mat, a pram liner, playmat, breastfeeding cover or sunshade. 

Each Khushi Kantha blanket arrives in a reusable cotton drawstring bag, handcrafted from a vintage sari off-cut, together with a photo and story about its maker. Follow in the Bangladeshi tradition of gifting one to the parents-to-be in your life. 

Meet The Founder

Laura Rana fell in love with Bangladesh when she started working there in 2009. Her career often involved spending time with communities below the poverty line, including as part of the humanitarian response to the Rohingya refugee crisis. 

During this time, Laura was struck by the generosity of local mothers who welcomed and supported Rohingya families with compassion, despite having very little themselves. This experience sowed the seed in her mind for a biz that celebrated and supported mums. 

Laura discovered how useful kantha blankets are when her twin daughters, Opi and Mahi, were born. Traditionally made by mums, for fellow mums, she realised they would be the perfect product for a brand with motherhood at its heart. 

Khushi Kantha quickly grew from here, with Laura starting work on the brand when the twins were only three months old. 

Read more about Laura’s inspiration and Khushi Kantha’s impact in our founder Q&A with her. 

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