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Mintie Lunchboxes
Mintie Lunchboxes

Mintie Lunchboxes

Long-lasting stainless steel lunch boxes for kids and grown-ups that give back to sea projects.

Keep your food fresh, reduce your waste and avoid plastic and chemicals with Mintie Lunchboxes. 

Their products are designed to last, fighting back against the throwaway culture that creeps up everywhere in life, especially on our lunch breaks. 

Mintie Lunchboxes are made from stainless steel, which is great for durability but also safer than the usual plastic lunch boxes. That’s because they’re free from BPA (that’s a chemical used to make the plastics often used for containers, FYI), which can impact health. 

There are countless uses for your Mintie Lunchboxes. They’ll see you from packing lunches for school or work, to freezing leftovers from your batch cooks, to filling up at your local refill store. 

As well as coming in different sizes, the range also includes snack pots, water bottles and insulated drinks bottles. Ideal for little ones and big kids alike.  

Mintie Lunchboxes is also about giving nature a helping hand through supporting planet-friendly charities. They give back to Surfers against Sewage and Sussex Dolphin Project – two organisations dedicated to keeping our oceans and marine wildlife happy. 

Meet The Founder

Packing their kids lunches each day made Vic and Dan Bailey Ornellas question the short life span of plastic lunch boxes. They also read about the harm of plastic exposure, which set them off on a search for durable, safe alternatives. 

Stainless steel came up as the best material for a long-lasting lunch box. But the options out there were pricey and not built with kids in mind. 

So, Vic and Dan took on the challenge of designing one themselves. The result was the Mintie Duo – their original (and still one of the most popular) lunchbox that’s simple, robust and easy to clean. 

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