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Shakitiism's aim to empoweremploy and encourage entrepreneurship in disadvantaged women, particularly those who are at risk of being impacted by gender-based violence.

Close to 70% of India’s population lives in rural areas with limited to no access to basic sanitation, health services, or electricity. Lack of access to these basic services contributes to widespread poverty, unemployment, and increasing indebtedness of households.

Women in India are often seen as second-class citizens compared to men, so opportunities are even more limited. Women are not often in control of their finances, family situations or even their own earnings, and marginalised, disabled, poor or uneducated women even more so.

Wage disparity is widespread, but offering women opportunities to earn income and have a say in their households is empowering and can be life changing for women and their families. Studies show that correcting this gender imbalance can increase the prosperity of the country as a whole. Simply giving money to a woman is a short-term solution, but empowering her with skills and self-confidence is a long-term approach and the benefits are endless. Trade, not aid, is the way forward.

By providing an opportunity for marginalised women to obtain transferable skills like sewing, we can help them to achieve financial independence. Empowering women to earn their own steady income means that they will be able to provide food, clothing, and other basic necessities and education for their children and other family members.

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Showing all 18 results