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The Wonky Food Company

The Wonky Food Company

Delicious relishes that save wonky fruit and veg from going to waste.

Hate food waste? You’ll love The Wonky Food Company. They’ve perfected turning imperfect fruit and veg that would otherwise go to waste into fabulous relishes. 

Since 2017, The Wonky Food Company has collected surplus fruit and veg – some of the 40% of UK produce deemed unfit for shop shelves – from local farmers, suppliers and retailers. 

Back in their kitchen, they pack as much of this “ugly” fruit and veg as possible into every jar. It’s all about what’s pleasing on the palate rather than the eye for them, which is clear from the first bite of their flavourful relishes. 

There’s a Wonky Food Company relish for every occasion. Just a few serving suggestions include spooning the Zesty Lime edition into curries; stirring the Chilli Tomato into stir fries; or jazzing up your sandwiches with the Tangy Onion

By turning unwanted produce into something so utterly delicious and more-ish, The Wonky Food Company hopes to encourage everyone to value food more and waste it less. 

Meet The Founder

The problem of food waste first came to John Cavers attention on a fruit farm in New Zealand. He was working there during a backpacking trip and one of his jobs was to walk under the kiwi fruit vines and pick off any misshapen fruit, throwing it to the ground to rot. 

He never forgot seeing perfectly edible fruit go to waste. Two decades later, the issue spurred him on to start The Wonky Food Company, along with his sister Ashley and neighbour Laura. 

The trio began testing recipes and product ideas, launching their first ever relishes in 2017. 


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