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Rise up lager

Rise up lager

£25.00 - £72.00

A seriously refreshing, Helles-style Lager with all English ingredients. Clean, light and crisp. Crafted with surplus bread, malted barley and English hops.

Toast set out to make beer that tastes amazing and does amazing things too. That’s why they brew with surplus bread, turning leftover loaves into liquid gold. What’s more, 100% of their profits go to environmental charities. 

Did you know that thousands of years ago, the very first beers were produced by fermenting baked grains? Nature - the land, rains and energy from the sun (and some clever yeasts) - quite literally gave us beer. Now Toast is using beer to give back…

Huge amounts of fresh bread are wasted worldwide - up to 44% of UK bread. Toast is reinventing an ancient technology to solve a modern problem, over delicious beer. 

Toast has already brewed with so many slices of surplus bread that stacked up they’d reach over four times the height of Mount Everest! They’re also using the social power of beer to spark conversations, inspire action to reduce food waste and help to save nature.

Because on all of the planets, in all of the universe, only one serves beer. 

So get Mother Nature a round, and raise a Toast to planet Earth!