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Sea Change Free - Alcohol-Free Sparkling

Sea Change Free - Alcohol-Free Sparkling


When customers asked Sea Change to introduce a non-alcoholic option into the range, their priority was to ensure there was no compromise on taste or style.  By utilising the best winemaking techniques to craft Sea Change Free, the result is a zero-alcohol, natural sparkling beverage that is full of flavour and delivers in everything from taste to provenance.

Many non-alcoholic beverages are produced via an industrial de-alcoholisation process, which takes away aroma, flavour and texture. In contrast, Sea Change Free is revolutionary in its production method and comes directly from fresh, Glera grape must obtained immediately after the pressing. By keeping the must in cold preservation, fermentation never starts, resulting in a product that is genuinely 0.0% volume alcohol.

It also has genuine provenance, being produced by a highly awarded artisan winery located in the heart of the Prosecco region of Northern Italy.


Tasting Notes: The bright straw-gold colour of Sea Change Free gives a clue of what is to come: hints of elderflower, crisp apple and summer mint set the taste buds alive.

Free’s revolutionary production method creates a natural, sparkling beverage with no artificial additives or colouring. What’s more, it contains only 27 calories per 100ml serve.

Grape Variety: Glera

Food Pairings: Sea Change Free can be enjoyed on its own as an aperitif or pairs well with light dishes, seafood and salads. It can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the key ingredient in sparkling non-alcoholic cocktails.

When to drink: Best enjoyed fresh, chilled at 8–10 °C. 

Environmental Benefits: This is the first of the Sea Change range to feature a bird on its label: the mighty Albatross, one of the largest seabirds on earth with a wingspan of up to three and a half metres. Sadly, Albatrosses are also the world’s most threatened family of birds - every one of its 22 species at threat, some critically.

By purchasing Sea Change Free you are supporting their global charity partners who are working to protect our seas and marine life from further threat.

Find yourself a new favourite wine from Sea Change, a social enterprise making waves of change with their eco-friendly wines. 

These winemakers are committed to creating exceptional drinks and caring for our oceans in equal measure. Look closely at the beautiful hand drawn illustrations on each bottle and you’ll notice the marine animals depicted have bits of plastic inside, reflecting the effects of plastic pollution. 

Keen to be part of the solution, Sea Change put real thought into their own packaging. There are none of those plastic wraps around their bottle tops and the labels are a mix of paper from certified sustainable forests and grape waste too. Even the corks are made from a renewable plant-based material.  

Sea Change also gives back to conservation charities who help protect marine animals too, making a donation for every bottle sold. All this adds up to a lot of small ripples of change and one big positive impact per bottle. 

Better still, there’s a great variety in their award-winning range. So you can toast to making a difference whether you’re partial to a prosecco, reds like negroamaro, whites like sauvignon blanc or a rosé.