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So Good Kombucha
So Good Kombucha

So Good Kombucha

Kombucha that empowers refugees.

So Good Kombucha are makers of naturally delicious and healthy soft drinks from Derby. Not only does their range of kombucha offer a change from the usual sugar-filled fizzy drinks, it’s sustainably made and benefits the local community.

If kombucha is new to you, this is a sparkling, slightly tangy fermented tea known for its health benefits. It was even dubbed the “Elixir of Life” in ancient China, where it was first brewed over 2000 years ago. 

Each bottle of So Good Kombucha packs in probiotics, vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and healthy acids. That all comes from completely natural, organic, vegan and gluten-free ingredients.  

Cold-pressing delicious fruits and blending with fermented tea leaves Every So Good Kombucha drinks bursting with full, bold flavour too. Try flavour combos like strawberry and basil or an elderflower mojito. 

As well as all that goodness in the drinks themselves, there’s a social mission behind So Good Kombucha, sparking positive ripples of change. They have plans to employ, train and empower refugees and others who are marginalised in society, creating meaningful work opportunities and helping them integrate. 

So Good Kombucha is already supporting this cause by collaborating with like-minded organisations. They donate 10% of profits to local charities working with marginalised communities and also partner with fellow social enterprise NEMI Teas, which employs refugees and supplies So Good Kombucha with tea. 

As if all that wasn’t reason enough to give their kombucha a try, So Good is mindful about their environmental impact too. There’s no single-use plastic in their packaging and they’re working towards becoming a zero-waste operation. So good indeed! 

Meet The Founder

Lesley So initially quit her job at Rolls Royce to go travelling. But Covid put a pause on her plans and she ended up in lockdown at home, mulling over what to do next in life. 

During this time, her kombucha business idea started brewing. Lesley’s family in Hong Kong have been making their own kombucha for years. There’s even a family SCOBY (a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, which ferments the tea and raw cane sugar in kombucha) nicknamed mui-mui – aka little sister. 

Lesley built on her family recipe to create the So Good Kombucha range. From the beginning, she’s been determined to make her drinks a force for good, continually becoming more eco-friendly and expanding support for marginalised people as the biz grows. 

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