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Imperial Green with Basket - 70cm
Imperial Green with Basket - 70cm
Imperial Green with Basket - 70cm
Imperial Green with Basket - 70cm
Imperial Green with Basket - 70cm
Imperial Green with Basket - 70cm

Imperial Green with Basket - 70cm


A imperial green plant with a pot and basket. This may vary slightly from the image.

We can all give thanks that Captain Bligh survived ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ because reportedly he brought this beauty back to England on his next voyage. Said to be one of the easiest house plants, philodendron love to filter toxins from the air – making it the perfect office colleague or roommate.

Please Note: The Glasshouse items can take up to two weeks to arrive, and are shipped every Wednesday via Royal Mail.

Total Height: approx 70-80cm

Easy care: plant advice included

Sending a gift? Add a note at check out and The Glasshouse will wrap it beautifully.

Scientific name: Ficus Lyrata

Origination: Cameroon west to Sierra Leone, West Africa Kingdom

Every plant: nurtured, potted and beautifully packaged in the prison glasshouses

Packaging is plastic-free, recycled and recyclable

The Glasshouse story is included in every package.

Please note, to ensure the plants are the highest quality possible, there may be times where the specimen you receive is slightly different from that photographed, but the plant will be of the same family.


Grow your houseplant collection with help from The Glasshouse, a social enterprise creating opportunities for ex-offenders through horticulture. 

Their plants start life in the glasshouses at HM Prison East Sutton Park in Kent, where ex-offenders grow and nurture them. While working on the project, they train for a level 2 RHS horticultural qualification, learning everything from propagation to design. The programme is a stepping stone – away from past mistakes and the prospect of reoffending, towards a fresh start and employment in the future.

As well as the practical horticulture skills, hanging out with plants has some amazing benefits for people involved in the project too – as it can for everyone. Being close to nature and greenery can bring productivity levels up, anxiety levels down, fill the air with more oxygen and be a positive influence in many other ways. 

The Glasshouse continues to support ex-offenders who join their project beyond their time in the glasshouses too, helping the women keep moving forward upon release. The two things which most often lead to reoffending are lack of secure housing and employment. So, they help in linking people up with job placements and housing. 

Add to your houseplant family with one of their lovingly raised plants and know it’s already been a force for good.