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Good Soap Pouch
Good Soap Pouch
Good Soap Pouch
Good Soap Pouch

Good Soap Pouch


Place your Sebon da or Siampŵ Da into the pouch and exfoliate your body with any soap bar of any size.

Put little soap bars at the end of their life-cycle to good use with this safe and secure soap pouch from The Goodwash Company. They can be re used over and over until eventually you can add to the compost bin and the sisal will naturally biodegrade.

Each one is hand made in a social enterprise environment in a water-neutral way to help combat needless water waste.


Add any size soap or shampoo bar to exfoliate your body with a soap bar of any size.  A 'gorgys' addition to your washroom nook to dry your soap or shampoo bars. Made from 100% biodegradable material.

Our Soap pouches give 50% of their profits to sustain local community projects in Conwy, via the Goodwash Foundation in North Wales.

  • 100% biodegradable Sisal
  • Social Enterprise product
  • Wales Made
  • Zero waste
  • Socially Conscious

Add a touch of Welsh luxury to your bathroom with The Goodwash Company’s natural wash and lifestyle products. More than a name, their range is good through and through. 

The products – from soy candles to hand lotion and beard bars – are whipped up using the finest natural ingredients from the Welsh land and sea, based on age-old remedies. These are great for giving your hair, body and soul a boost, containing lots of natural health benefits. 

While you soak in the benefits at home, The Goodwash Company uses profits from their range to spread positive ripples of change far beyond that. Through their very own Goodwash Foundation, they support local projects improving the lives of people and animals in need. That could be a rescue dog shelter, a homelessness charity or any other local cause the biz has teamed up with. 

As a brand that cares about animals, The Goodwash Company even has some products for pooches, so you can change the world one dog wash at a time too. Check out the Dog Soap and Woof Wash – your canine pal will be squeaky clean and ready for cwtches (aka cuddles). 

It won’t be a surprise that the animal lovers at The Goodwash Company are also strict about using cruelty-free ingredients. 

The goodness continues in their pledge to employ people at risk of poverty on a living wage.