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Variety Pack of 12
Variety Pack of 12
Variety Pack of 12
Variety Pack of 12
Variety Pack of 12
Variety Pack of 12
Variety Pack of 12
Variety Pack of 12

Variety Pack of 12

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Spoilt for choice? Why not choose our variety pack to find your favourite Fauna? 

While Fauna Brewing are crazy about beer, conservation and environmentalism are at the core of who they are. They believe it is essential that we come together and combat the greatest threat to our generation – the climate crisis and species decline. Every beer sold supports their selected animal conservation charities.

Suitable for vegans.

All of Fuana Brewing's Beers contain: water, hops, barley, oats and yeast 

Allergens: this product contains gluten

ABV Lager: 4.5%

ABV IPA: 4.2%

ABV Table Beer: 2.8%


Go wild for Fauna Brewing and their range of animal-themed craft beers brewed with purpose. 

These beers help tackle species decline and climate change, a crisis which is seeing an unfathomable number of species – more than 100 a day – go extinct. 

To create their planet-friendly brews, Fauna Brewing has partnered with three carefully chosen conservation charities, each committed to protecting an endangered African animal.  

When you crack open a refreshing Cheetah Lager, you’re supporting the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Profits help projects like the Livestock Guarding Dog programme, which places dogs with farmers to scare away wild predators, reducing cheetah and human conflict by 90%. 

The hoppy Wild Dog IPA supports the Painted Dog Conservation Fund, funding anti-poaching work and the removal of snares, which are a huge threat to painted dogs and other animals. 

Finally, Pango Table Beer raises money for the African Pangolin Working Group, who are dedicated to rehabilitating pangolins in the wild. Already the support of Fauna Brewing has helped them secure a satellite tracker, to make monitoring these rare mammals easier. 

The whole range is vegan-friendly (certified by Vegan Friendly) and made using the finest British malts and specially selected, flavourful hops. 

Three excellent beers, three incredible charities. Eco-minded beer drinkers, you’re going to love Fauna Brewing.