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Spice Kitchen
Spice Kitchen

Spice Kitchen

Award-winning spices tackling hunger, homelessness and more, while creating employment for disadvantaged people.

Get the Spice Kitchen involved in your cooking for more adventurous mealtimes, layered with positive impact. 

This family-run social enterprise’s spice tins and kits make adding a taste of India (plus a growing list of other countries) to your dishes and drinks super simple. Fragrant flavours, quality spices and an ethical biz model all help make them award- winning. 

Spice Kitchen blends spices with giving back by partnering with charities close to their heart, tackling social issues like homelessness and hunger. Among them is the Karma Curry Movement, which helps transform the lives of young survivors of human trafficking. Working with The Akshaya Patra Foundation, they also donate enough money to buy one school meal for a child in India, for every spice tin sold. 

Fans of the Spice Kitchen also love the beautiful upcycled sari material which their signature spice tins come wrapped in. These do good beyond recycling old fabric. Each one is sewn by seamstresses from disadvantaged backgrounds, creating employment for people who often struggle to find work. 

Spice Kitchen’s cookbook and spice tin gift sets are perfect for zhuzhing up your own cooking or gifting to the keen home cooks in your life. Recipes from renowned chefs like Meera Sodha and Monisha Bharadwaj are matched with a specially curated selection of spices. A delicious combo from this thoughtful foodie brand.

Meet The Founder

Creating spice kits was intended to be a hobby for Shashi Aggarwal. Itching for a new challenge after five years of retirement, her son Sanjay suggested selling spice tins, a project that could draw on her encyclopaedic knowledge of spices as a top home cook. 

This conversation took place on Christmas Day 2012 and that same afternoon the two of them put together the very first Spice Kitchen tin. They listed it on eBay and it sold on Boxing Day. 

The demand hasn’t stopped. Since those early days of eBay orders and market stalls, Spice Kitchen has been scooping awards, expanding its product range and giving back in more and more ways. The mum-and-son duo are still the heart of the biz, most definitely keeping Shashi busy in retirement!

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